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Alpacas Available for Sale...

At this time we are reducing our herd, to focus our efforts on travel with our showdogs.

Therefore we have listed each Alpaca in our herd for sale on the AOA website (Alpaca Owners Association Inc).

The foundation of our herd is the from the famous “Alpacas De La Patagonia” Chilean herd. Patagonia produced the finest fiber and many Color Champion Alpacas. When breeding it’s always best to start at the top with your foundation stock. All our Alpacas are Huacaya breed, and are registered with the Alpaca Owner’s Association.


On the list below, you can click on each Alpaca’s NAME to see a photo, pedigree and the details listed for each animal on the AOA website. The sales prices are subject to change, so the AOA site will list be maintained with the current sales price.


If you search AOA website under the “FIND ALPACAS” tab you will see that we have listed our Alpacas substantially less than others currently listed for sale, in consideration for our herd downsizing efforts.

Name                                                Breed      Gender      Age        Color                  Sale Price    ​    

SWEETGOLD LIGHTENING            Huacaya    Male      7.5         410 - Dark Brown      $700    

SWEETGOLD HARMONY               Huacaya     Male    11.5         410 - Dark Brown      $500           

PATAGONIA'S SOLARIO                 Huacaya    Male     11.5        209 - Light Brown     $400           

SWEETGOLD JUANITA                   Huacaya     Female   7.5        209 - Light Brown   $1200 

SWEETGOLD CRYSTAL                  Huacaya     Female   9.5       205 - Dark Fawn      $1500 

SWEETGOLD JANETA                     Huacaya      Female 10.5       202 - Light Fawn     $1200

PATAGONIA'S ALYA                          Huacaya   Female 12.5         204 - Medium Fawn $800 

PATAGONIA'S ZENAIDA                  Huacaya     Female 13.5      209 - Light Brown     $700 

PATAGONIA'S AMBER                     Huacaya      Female 13.5        205 - Dark Fawn       $900

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